• Data Acquisition Systems
  • Hardware Development
  • Remotely Deployed Sensors
  • Environmental Sondes
  • Aerial Sensor Deployment
  • Design Testing and Validation
  • Computer Aided Design


Underwater Robotic system capable of cutting a window from the inside of a pipe at a water depth of 1200 ft. Additionally, the robot can be reconfigured to carry and install a pipe in the cut window to provide guided access to the main pipe cut window. The robot mechanical and software control systems were completed and tested.

Small, lightweight, rugged, USB, UHF transceiver designed to receive data from meteorological sensors and transmit to additional receptors. Innovative design provides a portable means to collect and rebroadcast data while in remote locations.

Development of an Engine Control Unit (ECU) for 1 kW portable generator. The ECU allows the unit equipped with a traditional gasoline engine to start and operate on heavy fuels. The ECU monitors critical engine parameters and adjusts internal controls to maintain proper operation of the unit.

Small expendable buoy that provides the ability to measure wave height, period and sea-states in real-time. The sensor can include GPS to provide location and surface current speed and direction. A derivative of this sensor measures both atmospheric wind speed and direction during its decent to the ocean surface and upon entering the water reconfigures to provide wave and sea surface conditions.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) environmental payload allows for deployment of sensors to characterize the atmospheric conditions from flight level to the surface. The data from the sensors is received via the on board UHF telemetry system. The data is processed and stored for retransmission to other aircraft or ground personnel requiring the data.